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Since August 2005, following on the work of Regime Change 2004, ADA and the ADA Education Fund have been in the field working to educate people about the relation between economic policies adopted in Washington and what is happening to their own families, their neighbors and communities. 

Today our Working Families Win project has 38 Organizers working in nine states (Iowa, Minnesota, Maine, Michigan, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania and
Washington). To secure grassroots support, they hold house parties, address union meetings, environmental groups and others, enlist students and reach out to a broader audience through forums and media contacts..

And, they are succeeding often in areas which until recently were deemed by the pundits to be hopless.  Their message: American families are pressed by high cost of energy and gasoline.  Good paying jobs are harder to find and many families are struggling to pay costs of health care and education.  Retirement security is threatened by under-funded pension plans and rising costs.  American trade policies favor the corporate elites and big business not ordinary working Americans.  But, together, we can make a difference

We are providing empowerment training and voter education in the smaller cities and communities like Akron, Zanesville, Norristown and Reading, St. Cloud, and Springfield.  To learn more about this program go to www.workingfamilieswin.org.

Working Families Win Update
March 2008

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